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Download Youtube Video: Hello Guys, Today I am going to tell you that how you can download youtube videos without any software and for free. Nowadays everyone is familiar with youtube. We all use YouTube for entertainment, for knowledge, for cooking. However, if you watch some of these videos, you will want to download the video. 

But there is no facility to download YouTube videos directly. But By Clicking on the Download Button below on Youtube video you can offline the video and whenever you want to watch a video you have to go back to YouTube to watch the video! That video does not appear in phone storage.

1.Download Youtube Video in Smartphone:

1. First, open youtube and select the video you want.
2. Then click on the share under it and you will see a variety of options.
3. Click on the Copy link.
4. Then open that link in the Chrome browser on your mobile.
5. Now you have the mobile page open. Tap on the Page link and copy and paste it.
6. That URL starts with ‘ ….’ Now you can edit it and type ss in the middle of youtube to youtube.


7. Convert to m.ssyoutube.
8. Click on the Enter or Go button without making any changes to the other link.


9. Immediately open another page. It asks you in which resolution you want to download the video.
10. Click on the resolution you want and the video will be downloaded.
11. Once the resolution is changed, the video will open in the browser. Then click on the three dots button next to it and you will see the download option. You can download youtube video by clicking on it.


2. Download Youtube Video in Desktop or laptops

1. Open YouTube in your desktop or laptop’s browser.
2. Play the video you want and copy its link.
3. Follow the rest of the process as above.

That’s it! The YouTube video you want is in your hands ..! ?

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