Bhoot Wali Films | 5 Most Scary Movies of All Time

Bhoot Wali Films: Hello Friends, today I am going to tell you about five Hollywood ghost films that you may have never seen before but it is a very scary and haunting film, at least after watching these films. You will not be able to forget these films for 1 week.

Bhoot Wali Films


1.The Babadook

Babadook is a film that not only removes the fear inside you, but this film increases that fear somewhere. This film is so full of jumpscare that the weak hearted people do not see it. There is a terror of fear in this film.

The most frightening of life, but not the sad feelings of despair, loneliness and mourning, the way is shown in this film can disturb you very much, so you must watch this film but do not watch it alone.


Those who watch this film say that the experience of this film is a very scary experience of their life, when you see this film, then you will understand that its feel is different.

In an apartment, television shows a recording of some unexpected thing in a room, later it is revealed that whatever was in that apartment was not from this world, after giving a very uncomfortable feeling, the story of this film will give you its best Let’s catch you in the claws of this low budget Spanish film, yes, but not alone.

3. Conjuring

A very successful film of 2013, The Conjuring has become its complete series and so far its three parts have come out of which the most frightening is its first part. In the film, Roger and Caroline go to live in a new form house with their five daughters, since then the sequence of strange events in their lives begins.

This film has been directed by American Film Maker Games I have played Patrick Wilson and Mera on the lead role in this film, this film has already made its place in All-Time Best Bhoot Wali Films.

4. The Devils Backbone

The film is Oscar director Guillermo del Toro one of the best films. It is a horror human drama story with horror suspense and drama as well as the time in this film.

In this film, wartime is presented in such a way that the time of war is shaken so that your soul is shaken and you must see this film which gives this strange and unique experience.

5. Get Out

This was one of the fondest films of the past year, seeing as if the body had set in for the first time, it was felt that the film was made or released and the audience was very different. Till a few British films were considered a horror film, but this film leaves everything behind.

This film has a business of 16 hundred crores till now, so friends, this was the five films that you must see yes but not alone.

Bhoot Wali Films Overview:

1.The Babadook



4. The Devils Backbone

5. Get Out

Hope you liked this article. This film too has already made its place in All-Time Best Bhoot Wali Films. You can see all these movies on Jio Rockers and Tamil Rockers website.

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